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Scorn 2017

Move over Desolation, since Scorn now resembles the most bent and messed up session of 2017.

Created by Ebb Programming, Contempt takes its visual motivation from the nightmarish plans of H. R. Giger and the artistic creations of Zdzisław Beksiński. Getting yourself suddenly tossed into an inconceivably exasperating dream-like looking world, you'll be entrusted with figuring out how to escape while investigating the non-direct situations. To cite Pinhead, this amusement has “such sights to indicate you”.

The principal trailer has been seen more than 17 million times, so there's plainly a colossal market for this sort of mind fuck.

Scorn effectively given the greenlight on Steam was as of late declared to be a piece of Humble's presentation distributing lineup, with the official site promising consistent updates before the amusement discharges in two sections not long from now.


Scorn is a barometrical first-individual ghastliness enterprise right now being developed by Ebb programming studio. Scorn is a barometrical first-individual ghastliness enterprise amusement set in a nightmarish universe of odd structures and serious woven artwork. It is planned around “being tossed into the world”. Separated and lost inside this fantasy-like world, you will investigate distinctive interconnected areas in a non-straight form. The unsettling condition is a character itself. Each area contains its own particular topic (story), riddles and characters that are indispensable in making a strong lived-in world. All through the amusement you will open up new zones, get diverse aptitude sets, weapons, different things and attempt to fathom the sights displayed to you.


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