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GTA VI Grand Theft…

GTA Grand Theft Auto VI News  WHATS BEING SAID ABOUT IT… Video Game JunkEZ News GTA 6 (Grand Theft…

Grand Theft Auto |…

Millions of gamers around the world are now excited for the upcoming release of the "GTA 6" game despite…

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Hi, my name is Tutt Lazarus and I am passionate about video games. It started with Atari 6400 and the bundle pack which featured a PAC-MAN cartridge to tell you the truth and I'm talking early 80's for all you kids with the best graphics today.

Then I graduated to the ColecoVision game console and was hooked on a game called "The Heist" that's when things took off for me and my love-hate relationship with video games was unleashed.

Now its all about PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, and XboxOne S game consoles, with the best video games released now.

This is a good explanation why I and my friends are official "Video Game JunkEZ."


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